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Lou's Wood
Undeviating Man
Piano Solo #1
Piano Solo #3
Piano Solo #4

Celebration 2009
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Lady Crocodileメスワニ Lady Crocodile

* In August八月の* [羽根] * In August [ Feather Roots ]

* Got Sick病気の* * Got Sick


Sunshine Shower狐の嫁入り Sunshine Shower


About LuluAbout Lulu

Moreもっと More

An Autumn Day Like End Of Summer夏の終わりのような秋の日 An Autumn Day Like End Of Summer

Domain Of Wind風の領域 Domain Of Wind

Cafe Au Go GoCafé Au Go Go

Sometimes We Need More LoveSometimes We Need More Love

Licht Changes光が変わる Light Changes

Blue Skirt青いスカート Blue Skirt

Trust疑いの霜を冬にもおかせぬ Trust

Until You Get Back Your PhraseUntil You Get Back Your Phrase


ルウの木 Lou's Tree


Shade Tree蔭の木 Shade Tree

I Was Simply In The Moodそんなきもちだった I Was Simply In The Mood

Summer's Beginning夏のはじまり Summer's Beginning

Chary Lou臆病なルウ Chary Lou

Lou's Woodルウの森 Lou's Wood

Sonus, Tranquillus Et Labyrinthus音、静寂と迷宮 Sonus, Tranquillus Et Labyrinthus

Lou's Seachellルウの海殻 Lou's Seashell

Seashell's Song海殻の唄 Seashell's Song

Summer Day夏の日 Summer Day

On The Sea, At Misty Night霧の夜の海 On The Sea, At Misty Night

Tommorow, It Will Be Sunny Again明日は晴れるよ Tommorow, It Will Be Sunny Again

Summer Melancholy夏メランコリー Summer Melancholy

White Lou白いルウ White Lou

Strong In The Wind雨の日こそ気をつけて耳を傾けなければならないのに Because It Is Raining, You Should Listen Carefully

Water Surfaceみなも Water Surface

Things I Left Behind忘れもの Things I Left Behind

Land In Sight陸が見える Land In Sight

Summer Solstice夏至の日 Summer Solstice


迷わない人 Undeviating Man


Nameless Flower名のない花 Nameless Flower

On The Coast, Without You貴女のいない海岸で On The Coast, Without You

Mary's Ideaマリのおもいつき Mary's Idea

My Dear, In Tropics南国の貴女 My Dear, In Tropics

Darling大切な人 Darling

Skin Of Rose薔薇色の肌 Skin Of Rose

Undeviating Man迷わない人 Undeviating Man


ピアノソロ@公園通りクラシックス 2005 Piano Solo @ Koendori Classics 2005


Butterfly Road蝶の道 Butterfly Road

Not Ordinary特別な Not Ordinary

Firmament Of Stars愛 [星空] Love [ Firmament Of Stars ]

Shaft雨上がりの空の色ときたら ( Hakka ) Like The Colours Of The Sky After The Rain

Butterfly Road蝶の道 Reprise Butterfly Road Reprise

A Little EverydayA Little Everyday ( Naomi Nakagawa ) - Aguas De Março ( Joao Gilberto )

Interlude間奏 Interlude

Undeviating Man迷わない人 Undeviating Man

Undeviating Man民族 Tribe

Undeviating Manくるくる変わる ( Hakka )Spin And Change

Interlude間奏 Interlude

Undeviating Man迷わない人 Reprise Undeviating Man Reprise

Not Ordinary特別な Intro Not Ordinary Intro

Not Ordinary特別な Not Ordinary

Round Trip周遊 - Earlea - 間奏 Round Trip - Earlea - Interlude

Butterfly Road蝶の道 Butterfly Road

Sky And Earth天地 Sky And Earth


ピアノソロ@森のテラス 2008 Piano Solo @ Mori No Terrace 2008


Openingオープニング Opening

Undeviating Man迷わない人 Undeviating Man


Round Trip周遊 Round Trip

My Favorite ThingsMy Favorite Things ( Richard Rodgers )

Waltz For DebbyWaltz For Debby ( Bill Evans )

Interlude間奏 Interlude

Autumn秋 Reprise Autumn Reprise

Strong In The Wind雨の日こそ気をつけて耳を傾けなければならないのに Because It Is Raining, You Should Listen Carefully

Calm Rain In June六月の優しい雨 ( Book And Bookstore ) Calm Rain In June

ScherzoScherzo ( Ludwig Van Beethoven )

Improvisation即興 Improvisation

Reminiscence追憶 Reminiscence


Introduction 1導入 #1 Introduction #1

Introduction 2導入 #2 [追悼] Introduction #2 [Remembrance]

Solvejgs LiedSolvejgs Lied ( Edvard Grieg )

Interlude間奏 Interlude

Firmament Of Stars星空 Firmament Of Stars


Sunshine Shower狐の嫁入り Sunshine Shower

Sunshine Shower狐の嫁入り RepriseSunshine Shower Reprise

Not Ordinary特別な Not Ordinary

Spellcasting詠唱 Spellcasting

Undeviating Man迷わない人 Undeviating Man

Not Ordinary特別な Reprise Not Ordinary Reprise


ピアノソロ@大倉山記念館 2008 Piano Solo @ Okurayama Kinenkan 2008


Openingオープニング Opening

Tekutekuてくてく Tekuteku

Subsurface Sky水面下の空 Subsurface Sky

Sea Turtlesウミガメ Sea Turtles

Underwater Walk海中散歩 Underwater Walk

Deep Sea Current深層流 Deep Sea Current

Fish Road魚の道 Fish Road

World Of Sea Liliesウミユリの世界 World Of Sea Lilies

Reaching The Floor着底 Reaching The Floor

Underwater Song海中歌 Underwater Song

Spellcasting Sea Foam詠唱・海の泡 Spellcasting - Sea Foam


Surface浮上 [てくてく Reprise] Surface [ Tekuteku Reprise ]

Snook Girlスヌークガール ( Shibata Emico ) Snook Girl

An Awkward Africanおちつかないアフリカ人 An Awkward African


Interlude間奏 Interlude

Reminiscence追憶 Reminiscence


Strain To Hear耳を澄ます Strain To Hear

Gallery回廊 Gallery

Interlude間奏 Interlude

Sunshine Shower狐の嫁入り Sunshine Shower

High Above天高く High Above

Butterfly Road蝶の道 Butterfly Road

Closingクロージング Closing


祝 2009 Beanfeast

Duo for Violoncelli Played on Piano

I. Lentissimo (おまじない)

II. Vivace (祝婚歌、またはおちつかないアフリカ人)

III. Andantino(Spellcasting)

IV. Presto(輪舞曲)


祝 2009-11-12 Celebration 2009-11-12

蝶の道 Butterfly Road

六月のオーケストラ June

バガテル(秋の細山) Bagatelle

南の岬 South Cape

特別な Not Ordinary

詠唱 Spellcasting

おうち Home



traumbaum nocturnal previews 2014


dialog - medium - flicker

grief - rest


snow - polarstar

dialog - fast





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